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2020 - 5 Events You Don't Want to Miss

Top 5 LA Seafood.jpg

The 2nd Annual Seafood Festival is happening again! Seafood lovers from all over California eagerly await the Long Beach Seafood Festival. This event celebrates the region’s delicious seafood and unique recipes from local chefs to the finest restaurants throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. This is an all age outdoor event alongside the Light House in Long Beach, California with a stunning view of the ocean and the Queen Mary. Enjoy a Food Demonstration by Celebrity Chef Shaun O’Neale, Season 7 Winner of Master Chef and food vendors. Each food vendor will offer their regular full-size meals and a mini $5 option available for purchase, so you will be able to sample the different food from different vendors throughout the day.

All-Star Comedy.jpg

Who is your favorite comedian from Netflix, Hulu, HBO or from your favorite comedy films or TV shows? Chances are you are going to see them during our All-Star Comedy show where we feature L.A.’s best comedians.

Movies at the Vista.jpg

3. Movies at the Vista

Sure, you can stream just about anything these days, but no home theater setup can equal the experience of watching a great movie on the real big screen, while munching on some fresh popcorn and cheering along with other die hard movie fans. Luckily, there’s Secret Movie Club. These cinephiles lovingly curate a series of cult favorites, nostalgic throwbacks and classic films and bring them to Los Angeles’ historic Vista Theatre in beautiful 35 mm prints, so you can experience them again — or perhaps for the first time — the way they were meant to be seen: in a theater!

Top 5 LA Lantern.jpg

Share a memorable and meaningful evening with your family and friends at the Lights of Dreams Lantern Event! Come decorate your own unique lantern and launch it among the thousands of water and sky lanterns at Echo Park Lake. Illuminated paper lanterns symbolize our hope for a brighter future, appreciation for our loved ones, and memories of those who passed away, while lotus lanterns represent rebirth, purity and life. In contrast, sky lanterns are released into the sky with written wishes. The higher the lanterns rise, the more likely the wishes will come true. Through our event, we hope to create an incredible experience that brings families and friends together to celebrate the meaning of life and spread hope, peace and dreams.

Top 5 LA Museum of Illusions.jpg

The Museum of Illusions comes Instagram-ready with completely new 3D illusions, and the Upside Down House exhibit that will take your breath away, transporting you to a world of fantasy and imagination! Our 30+ 3D illusions produce eye-popping pics, inspired by cartoon, art, current events, movies and more! Not just that, our Upside Down House features seven unique rooms all flipping the world as you know it, upside down! Guests can look forward to go on an African safari, get close and personal with the elephants, take stage in front of a massive crowd of adoring fans, walk on the edge of a skyscraper in a daring escape attempt. And of course, try cooking breakfast in an upside down kitchen, or relaxing on our sofa, conveniently located on the ceiling. Flash photography is not just allowed, it’s encouraged. The Museum of Illusions is the place to be to create memories and let your imagination soar. Created by some of the world’s best artists, with new exhibitions being added often, so act fast to see them all!

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